Fixed Deposit

Deposits are accepted ranging from 30 days to 10 years and the interest is paid at regular intervals (monthly/quarterly/half yearly) at an attractive rate of interest. All individuals / associations etc. are eligible to open the Fixed Deposit Account. Fixed Deposits can also be accepted for any period in multiples of complete months or even for a period where the terminal month is incomplete.

Ex. For 13 months and 12 days.

Please Click Here to download the deposit form.


Recurring Deposit

A recurring deposit may be opened in the names of Individuals, joint holders, minors, firms, institutions, associations and companies without restriction to number of accounts.

  • Recurring Deposit accounts are for definite period ranging from 12 to 120 months.
  • Instalments in multiples of Rs. 5.00 per month are acceptable.
  • Monthly instalment and period of the deposit cannot be altered subsequently under any circumstances.
  • If closed before 3 months, no interest needs to be paid.
  • Loans on recurring deposit may be granted subject to margin and rate of interest prescribed by Head Office from time to time.

Please Click Here to download the deposit form.