About Us

The Bank has started its operations in 1997 on 4th October as Unit Bank. The First Branch of the Bank has been opened during the year 1997 and thereafter, the Bank has set goals for itself and could meet such Landmarks year after year. Our Bank has emerged to the level of having its area of operation extended to entire state of Telangana with 16 branches all over and Rs.600+ Crs in Business turn over.

It is being done by a capable Management with potential in all fields of Business and Commerce. Three Professional Directors have been elected to the Board of Management to look after the Policy matters and economic status of the bank. This bank is registering a Growth always higher than the Annual Banking growth indices and also registering much lower percentage of Gross NPA which is only 1.36% in 2017-18 with Net NIL NPA. The net own funds of the Bank have crossed Rs.25 Crs thus making eligible to Undertake Collateralized Borrowal Lending operations. The other important aspects have been discussed in various related fields.


We place the highlights of the Bank’s performance over a period in brief in reference to the rating procedures being adopted by Reserve Bank of India to the Banking Industry.

  • No. of Branches:16
  • Total Business : Rs.616 Crores (Deposits :Rs. 366 Cr & Advances : Rs.250 Cr.)
  • Profit : Rs.428.00 lakhs


  • Reserve Bank of India has introduced the concept of Headroom capital adequacy norms for Bank’s branch expansion which have been complied by the Bank for expansion program( to open 5 more Branches).
  • In the light of the above, the Bank could successfully augment its capital to Rs.350 lakhs with due approvals.
  • Regarding the capital to risk assets norm the Bank has been continuously each year reaching a comfortable proportion of minimum 13.14 % against the Reserve Bank of India norms of minimum 9%.
  • The Bank never failed to keep the interest of members in the Bank functioning with their participation. The Bank encouraged all members with a return of 18% on their contributions to Bank as Capital.
  • The Bank’s own funds have reached the level of above Rs.25.00 Crores with an average retention of 75% of Net Profit every year.


  • The Assets of the Bank are Rs.40508.43 lakhs out of Rs. 34996.14 lakhs are earning assets ( Around Rs.4690.22 lakhs are to be maintained in Cash(Statutory) and the rest premises , Furniture and Stationery).
  • The Banks net non interest earning assets are minimum but for the building asset which is a basic necessity not only for its operations but also for public confidence.
  • The proportions of earnings with these Assets have been greatly acknowledged at all levels.
  • Around 70% of the assets are totally liquid in nature and are easily encashable at any given point.
  • The appraising of loan assets is being done on standards adopted as in renowned nationalized Banks without any compromise.
  • The Post disbursal supervision and recovery management resulted in achieving a net ‘Nil’ Non performing assets position.(Net NPAs).


  • The Board of Management Comprises of Directors from all cross sections of the Society including professionals with qualifications MBA(Fin.,) and MA., LLB and the Chief Executive with three decades Banking experience coupled with Masters qualifications in Information Technology and certificate in association of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.
  • Management committees have been framed to oversee the functioning of the Bank in the areas like
    • Business Development
    • Investment
    • Loans/Advances
    • Recovery of Loans
    • Audit and Inspection
    • Staff
  • The committees’ decisions will be discussed in the Board to give proper directions to the Bank.


  • The Bank has been continuously earnings profits since inception and paying due taxes to Govt., Ex-checker.
  • The Bank has paid Rs.1362.73 lakhs as Income Tax since 2006.
  • The Bank feels proud to make such contribution to the development of the Nation.


  • The Bank is always functioning recognizing the Asset Liability Management aspect as prime for proper sustenance.
  • Even as on this day the Bank is in a position to meet 70 % of its Liabilities within days of notice.(Loans are backed by such liquid securities).
  • All the Branches are earning profits and function within their Area of operations in a most cozy atmosphere.
  • The Bank’s recovery performance is greatly acknowledged all the times by respective authorities and it is scaled at 98%.


  • Safety of customers deposits is of paramount importance to us and the Bank is taking all precautions to safe guard such interest not by just insurance but by keeping the liquidity of the assets intact.
  • Periodical inspections in irregular intervals, effective Audit systems, continuous knowledge updates to staff through in-house training are key areas of effective monitoring .
  • Effective Management Information Systems through Control returns from Branches has been ensured.
  • Connection of all branches under Core Banking Solutions (CBS) to Co-ordinate with Branch functioning is in operation.
  • Exercising controls over expenditure is felt need of all times.
  • Adopting service ethics of high standards in compliance with the divine saying of “ Mahatma Gandhi”, has given us the opportunity to win the customer confidence.
  • We believe that satisfied customer is the best campaigner hence we made the words “ Your Bank Your Way” to be the caption for our Bank.